Le Master 2 DANAA-SORBONNE et le Médiarbitrage©

Le Master 2 DANAA-SORBONNE et le Médiarbitrage

J’ai eu la chance et le bonheur de rencontrer les étudiants DANAA-Sorbonne le 04 Février 2021. Ce fût une véritable joie de voir des personnes passionnées et si curieuses de ce qui peut les servir afin, qu’à leur tour, ils servent les autres.

Bravo à vous toutes et tous, restez ainsi et tous mes vœux pour l’Avenir !


Texte Original : (By Elyssa BOUAZZA – Président of the English and North American Business Law Master’s Degree Association, Marie TOMAVO and Inès MAHMOUDI, Head and manager of the Communication division of the Master’s Degree Association )

“On Thursday, February 4th, the current students of the DANAA had the honor of meeting Mr. Stéphan DELEKIAN who’s the President of the International Court of Mediation and Arbitration (CIMEDA) and Ms. Laurence MARTINET-LONGEANIE who’s both an attorney and a mediator judge at the CIMEDA. During this meeting, we were pleased to discuss relevant notions such as mediation, arbitration, litigation, conciliation and negociation. We also exchanged our views on the role of the CIMEDA, its way of functioning and the impacts of the covid 19 on Mr. Stéphan DELEKIAN and Ms. Laurence MARTINET-LONGEANIE’s activities. This truly inspiring session allowed us to benefit from their expertise and guidance, which is a great privilege for all of us. We would therefore like to thank Mr. Stéphane DELEKIAN and Ms. Laurence MARTINET-LONGEANIE for this enlightening moment, wishing them the very best in the future. A special thanks also to MARTINET-LONGEANIE law firm which welcomed us so warmly ! »